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Growing up along the beautiful Jersey Shore, I have always had many interests. During my time attending a STEM high school, I competed in robotics, acted in musicals, and earned my Eagle Scout award. While at Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing my Computer Engineering degree, I led the Game Development Club, served on the student senate, sang in the President's Ensemble choir, and traveled to perform comedy. After graduating, I accepted a temporary position at Wiley as a testing analyst.

Omni-Channel Chat & CTI

Shortly thereafter, Wiley offered me a permanent role. Following an unsuccessful attempt by our technology team to build a custom push chat system, I researched Salesforce's Omni-Channel feature and worked with Operations stakeholders to define a new business requirement for the chat implementation. The success of the chat delivery naturally positioned me as the analyst to support the subsequent Cloud Telephony Integration between Five9 and Salesforce Omni-Channel. After playing a critical role in the project and travelling to Belize to oversee the off-sight launch, I was promoted to a lead position on the newly-formed Solutions team.

Service Cloud Relaunch, Lightning Migration, & Support Communities

With this new role, I focused on accelerating our Service Cloud maturity as the Product Owner for the CRM Service team. As we adopted the agile framework, we spent several months rebuilding our processes using “out of box” components to minimize technical debt. Once we established strong foundations, we proceeded to launch 16 new self-service “Help” sites on the Salesforce Communities platform (now called Experience Cloud) as well as migrate nearly 400 internal users to Salesforce Lightning. With a scalable support ecosystem in-place, we leveraged our infrastructure to quickly integrate the company's influx of acquisitions into our core support workflow.

Einstein AI & Embedded Support

After gratefully accepting a promotion into management, it was time to start exploring more advanced capabilities. We launched and iterated on a chatbot designed to help customers quickly resolve their inquiries. To ensure quality, we implemented measurements that allow us to track performance and drive continuous improvement. We also developed a component that enables personalized and searchable knowledgebase for convenient self-service without the conversational format. In parallel, we deeply validated and deployed AI recommendation tools to aid support agents and allow them to focus on resolving the customer's issue.

Public Speaking

In September 2022, I had the opportunity to share my AI experience at Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Based on multiple co-pilots I have conducted with Salesforce, my primary session focused on my AI journey, validation process, and lessons learned. I also spoke briefly about how I am using conversational AI insights to reduce manual analysis in a session with Salesforce's AI Research team. Following the event in San Francisco, I spoke again at Salesforce World Tour NYC in December covering similar topics. Overall, I had a great experience sharing my story with other passionate service leaders. As Generative AI gained popularity, Wiley requested my manager and I to give a two-part webinar series covering our history of outcome-driven technology initiatives with a focus on AI and automation.
Dreamforce 2022 Session 1: Smarter, More Proactive Service with Service Cloud Einstein
Dreamforce 2022 Session 2: Unlocking the Power of Conversational AI and Automation
World Tour NYC (December 2022): Scale Service and Reduce Costs with Automation and AI
Salesforce Webinar (August 2023): The Next Frontier of Customer Service: Generative AI
Wiley Webinars (January & February 2024): Using AI to Improve the Customer Experience


Senior Manager, CS Technology & Solutions

I am currently overseeing Technology & Solutions strategy for Wiley's Global Customer Service organization (Customer Care, Technical Support, Sales Support). To this end, I manage a cross-functional team that owns product roadmaps and application support for CRM, Help, RPA, Survey, and QA technologies. In partnership with leaders across Research, Education, and Global Operations, we design solutions to improve customer experiences, optimize process efficiency, support corporate initiatives, maintain continuity, and integrate new businesses.

  • Implemented Generative AI agent augmentation tools to draft service replies and case summaries
  • Managed multi-functional team of high performers across 4 locations (US – NJ & IN, UK, SG)
  • Owned product roadmaps and application support for CRM, Help, RPA, Survey, and QA platforms
  • Presented executive updates to the COO and quarterly updates to nearly 200 department colleagues
  • Staffed the Corporate VP of Customer Service at key partner meetings to represent technology strategy
  • Oversaw design and delivery of critical capabilities: Customer 360, Personalized Embedded Support, AI Insights

November 2021 - Present

CS Technology & Solutions Manager

In this role, I managed CRM and Contact Channel technologies on behalf of Global Customer Service. To this end, my team was responsible for both governing the product roadmap as well supporting BAU operations and escalations. My key initiatives focused on increasing the adoption and maturity of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), embedded support, customer 360, and other digital capabilities to optimize both the customer and agent experience. Specific AI & ML initiatives included automatic case classification for live and discrete channels, knowledge article recommendations to assist support agents, and chatbot iteration.

October 2020 - October 2021

Customer Solutions Lead

During my tenure as a Solutions Lead, I worked directly on the Customer Service global technology strategy with a primary focus on CRM and contact channel solutions. As a Certified Scrum Product Owner for the CRM agile team, I collaborated with both business and technology owners and was responsible for overseeing key initiatives from problem definition to continuous improvement. These initiatives included the launch of several self-service support communities, the integration of an AI augmented chat tool, and the implementation of chatbot and embedded chat services.

July 2019 - September 2020

CS Technology Analyst

As a part of my first corporate position, I enjoyed a variety of routine responsibilities including escalations support, UAT design and execution, and business process improvement. In service of these responsibilities, I supported both internal and external platform launches as a super user and primary escalation point. Later in my tenure, I shifted towards project work and played a significant role in the delivery of our Omni-Channel chat and softphone implementations.

October 2016 - June 2019


Everyone starts somewhere, and during my time at The Innovation University ® I became the Founder and CEO of a game development startup. Our three-person crew worked with various outside partners on several projects, but ultimately focused on one mobile application for Android which offered challenging puzzles for players to conquer. The puzzles in our games were not the only challenging part of managing a startup, and today we are able to appreciate the lessons learned as we bring our experience to new places.

November 2013 - Present (Inactive)
May 2013 - August 2014


Stevens Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering
August 2012 - May 2016
September 2008 - June 2012



In contrast to my day-job, which focuses mostly on strategy and product vision, I spend evenings working on side projects where I get to be both designer and developer. As the former President of the Stevens Game Development Club, I initially groomed my passion for programming through the unique lens of game design and later switched my focus to web development.

Q AI is an in-development set of tools built on OpenAI's GPT and image generation models. While Q Design and Q Product Owner are focused on productivity by making it easy for non-programmers to draft UI concepts and user stories, Q Chat Sim and Q Story Teller highlight more entertaining applications of GAI. You can also chat with my AI assistant for a relatable example of how this technology can be used.

Tweetalyze was a set of data analysis and visualization tools developed using the Twitter API. Since Twitter (𝕏) has made substantial changes to their API offering, the Tweetalyze suite is essentially defunct.

Tweetle - The final addition to the Tweetalyze suite, Tweetle is a Wordle-inspired, Twitter-themed guess-the-number game.

Tweetalyze Dashboard - The third iteration of a long-term passion project, this tool allows users to query tweet data from Twitter to build and visualize their own pre-cleaned data sets.

Tweetalyze Chart Builder - In scenarios where the pre-fabricated charts on Dashboard are not appropriate, Chart Builder enables approachable, visual analysis of tweet samples. You can pivot on several parameters and add insights like bell curves and regressive trend lines.

Tweetalyze Quick Trend - In recognition that some users may not need Dashboard's full feature suite, this page is a faster way to visualize and drill-down on Like and Retweet stats. Following this same philosophy, I also created an simple page to analyze and trend tweet sentiment.

Tweetalyze Search - Unlike the numerically-focused tools in the Tweetalyze family, Search provides a simple interface for users to perform a fuzzy search on recent tweet text and displays results in order of relevance. Search was intended to be a more practical successor to Ask a User, a crude implementation of BERT NLP using Google's TensorFlow library. For users who are less familiar with Twitter, Newsboard provides a pre-curated sample of tweets and topics from major media outlets to search.

Tweetalyze Fake Tweet Generator - As a Computer Engineer, I never had the chance to learn about Markov chains like my Computer Science friends. To address this gap, I leveraged my existing Twitter API server and practiced implementing a probablistic Markov model. After some minor revisions, I created the Tweetalyze Bot: a comical demonstration of model training that allows users to add multiple learning sources.